Landing Page Design

$ 199.00

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  • Initial mock-up
  • Custom designed eye-catching landing page wordpress / HTML or bootstrap landing page Two revisions Included
  • Integrated Contact Form
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Search console Integration
If you do any kind of PPC , Facebook Ads or e-Mail Marketing landing page is must to have . We have designed hundreds of landing pages until now and we know what elements will turn more visitors into customers. Once you have put in all that time, thinking power, energy, and money to create the perfect advertisement for your business which would instantly grab the attention of the viewer, it is vital to guide the user towards what you exactly want them to do. This is where landing pages step in. They boost your conversion rate. Landing pages make it easier for you to reach out and connect to different types of consumers. A good homepage is necessary for many purposes. But one thing that you can’t rely on your homepage for is to uniquely and personally connect with the different categories of visitors. For example, if you are a party and wedding organizers there are two very distinct target customers for you. Using two landing pages you can avoid the hassle of creating two different websites to cater to both their needs as well as save the potential customers from finding their way through the labyrinth your website may be; Having to look too hard for what they need on a website deters most visitors. Strong visual elements such as videos and images can boost conversions by up to 80%. People find images and videos easier to access than text. Hence, graphics sustain the interest of the reader and keep them scrolling down the page. Often a thoughtful video or image can reach deep down in our hearts and trigger a relatable emotional response. The familiarity and the bond is vital to convert the traffic you have attracted. However, the videos and images should maintain the theme you have selected for your advertisement campaign and reaffirm your message; they should not distract the viewer from your company’s primary goal. Using short , right and strong Call To Actions we will make sure that Requirements Design instructions and inspirational site URL Content Choosen Stock Picture images Logo
  • 1)How do i know if i need landing page or actual website?
  • 2)How long will it take do design landing page?
  • 3)Will you write content for the landing page?
  • 4)Will this package include speed optimization?
  • 5)How about SEO optimization?
  • 6)Will you integrate it with google analytics
  • 7)what platform this landing page will be ?
  • 8)Will you optimize this landing page for PPC and Facebook Ads?
  • 9)will i get initial mock-up?